Why Is My HVAC System Freezing Up?

frozen ac coilYour HVAC system is one of the indispensible investments that you have to take care of and guard jealously. Any problem that it develops should be addressed as a matter of urgency to prevent it from worsening. It is common to find your ac system freezing from time to time. This may be caused by a number of factors some of which are discussed below:

Dirty Filter

A dirty or worn out filter can restrict the airflow within the HVAC system. This causes the unit to operate inefficiently and freeze up. Ideally, filters whether disposable or washable need to be regularly inspected regularly. When the filters have been replaced or cleaned, turning off the system and turning on the fan can speed up the thawing process. If you have a heat pump system, turn it to a heating mode until all the ice has melted then adjust the settings back to normal.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Freezing can also be caused by a leakage in the refrigerant lines. Friction from piping rubbing against an object or surface, weak solder joints, loose fittings and open valves are all factors that may cause leakages. Before deciding whether to repair or replace the system, its age should be determined together with the location and nature of the leak.

Dirty or Clogged Evaporator Coil

With constant usage, the evaporator coil can become dirty and clogged. This can easily make the unit to start losing airflow. At times, the airflow loss is so slow that you may not realize until the system freezes up or its cooling performance is below standard. You should notify a professional HVAC expert to address this problem.

Damaged Relay or Blower Motor

When the blower motor is not running at the recommended speed or has completely stopped, freezing usually ensues. The motor operation can also be sporadic in that it may start at full speed and thereafter slow down as it heats up. The relay could also be unpredictable; starting the motor at one time and failing in the next instance. All these problems require expert attention.

There are HVAC companies that offer regular maintenance service plans that span the whole year from spring to winter. Enrolling in such programs will help your HVAC system to run in an efficient manner. This will not only reduce the frequent breakdowns which can be costly to repair but also cut down on your energy bills. Efficient systems spend much less energy to run compared to inefficient ones.