How Will You Troubleshoot Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are very convenient and most people love them because they don’t demand a large space to work and are not very expensive. Their maintenance does not entail much and this makes them even better. However, it has been said that every coin has two sides and these portable devices will manifest some traits that are not very desirable. The good news is that with some bit of information, the owner can try to troubleshoot the problem without having to call an Ac repair Palmbeach expert. This article contains some free tips on what to do the moment the device refuses to function as it should.

Troubleshooting Portable air conditioner

Palm beach Portable Air Conditioner

When the unit refuses to start

This is one of the most common problems that the portable units exhibit. One moment, they will power at the press of the power button and the next moment they refuse to turn on. Once this happens, the very first thing to do is to make sure that the device is properly plugged to the mains. The problem might just be that power is not finding its way to the unit. To get it back to normal performance, unplug it and then plug it back and try again and if power was the only problem, it should work normally. If it refuses to power, check the fuse to make sure that it is not blown and should it be blown, replace it and all should be well.

The unit does not cool the room at all

According to Ac repair Palmbeach experts; this is another common problem that can easily be solved at home. There are some times that the room will remain hot regardless of the fact that the portable air conditioner is purring away. The very first thing to do should this happen, check the filter and make sure that it is not full of dirt. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned once every two weeks and if the area is dusty, it should be cleaned once every week. In addition, the unit may not be cooling due to the fact that the coils have iced up. If this is the case, turn of the conditioner but keep the fan running on the highest speed until the ice melts away. Once this is done, clean the coils and turn the conditioner on and it should as if it was new. To avoid frequent icing of the coils, customize the air conditioner to have a low cooling effect or load and the coils will not ice up.

The portable air conditioner keeps going off

Another thing that gets many people worried is the portable unit going going off every now and then. Should this happen, check the settings and confirm that the unit’s timer is off as this could be the reason causing the problem. Once this is done, the unit should run continually. If it keeps going off again, confirm that the preset temperature on the unit is lower than that of the home or office because the unit will go off if the temperature in the room goes below the set temperature. If so, wait for the room to heat up and then power the unit. The Ac repair Palmbeach experts assure that this will sort the problem.